Kernel Popcorn

Ruby Red **Featured Flavor**

These deep red kernels pop in small, white kernels and feature a delicious crunchy, nutty flavor. We will be donating $1 of every bag sold of Ruby Red Popcorn harvested in fall 2015 to the ALS Association’s Wisconsin Chapter.


Noble Owl Pops Pink

This variety features big, sweet kernels. The kernels pop both white and yellow. With the fluffiness of the kernels, it doesn’t take much Pink Popcorn to fill a bowl!


Pitch Black

This popcorn features dark black kernels, but turn bright white when popped and have very little hulls.


Baby Rice

This variety features medium sized hull-less kernels. Enjoy the crunchy kernels without getting them stuck in your teeth!


 Classic Yellow – SOLD OUT

Our yellow popcorn pops to large, fluffy kernels and is a timeless classic enjoyed by all!




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