Paper Bag Popcorn

One of the best parts about popcorn is all the different ways you can make it! Air poppers, stove top poppers, and the microwave!

No matter what your preferred popping method is, we want to make sure our popcorn is available how you want it. We’ve heard people say they’d love to try our popcorn, but they don’t have an air popper or stove top popper. We know if people try our popcorn, they’ll love it, which is why we’re introducing microwave friendly Noble Owl Paper Bag Popcorn!

Our Paper Bag Popcorn is just what it sounds like; cobs of Noble Owl Popcorn in a paper bag! Each bag is $1.00 and is microwave ready, with two cobs of popcorn and popping instructions right on the bag.


  • Place one cob of popcorn in paper bag
  • Fold end of bag over twice & crease
  • Popping time varies; we recommend 2-2.5 minutes or until popping slows to 2-3 seconds between pops
  • Remove bag from microwave, pour into bowl & repeat steps for other cobs
  • ENJOY!

**Un-popped kernels on the cob are VERY hot!


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