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Noble Owl Popcorn Company was created by Austin and Molly Frederick in 2011. During their time at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, college sweethearts Austin and Molly were looking for a long term project that they could work on together, but finding that project was easier said than done! Austin grew up on a farm in central Wisconsin and enjoyed activities that involved getting his hands dirty, while city girl Molly would rather be shopping.

Though the couple came from two different backgrounds, they found common ground when they decided to start the Noble Owl Popcorn Company. Running the business means Austin gets to spend time on his parents’ farm where the popcorn is grown and Molly gets to put her marketing knowledge to use to promote the business, not to mention all of the popcorn they get to eat!

Noble Owl Popcorn is grown in Markesan, Wisconsin. During the early days, Noble Owl only grew yellow popcorn but once Austin and Molly got a taste of running a business they quickly decided to expand. During 2012, they started experimenting by introducing a new variety, Ruby Red popcorn, and it instantly became a hit! Expansion continued again in 2013 when Austin and Molly found another color of popcorn to grow, Emerald Green!

farmers market2

Austin & Molly at the Oshkosh Saturday Winter Farmers Market at Washington Hall.

Thank you for you interest in Noble Owl Popcorn!

-Austin & Molly Frederick

Austin & Molly used their Ruby Red popcorn as favors at their wedding in June 2013.

Austin & Molly used their homegrown Ruby Red popcorn as favors at their wedding in June 2013.


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