Noble Owl Sells Out of Pink Popcorn & Donates to Komen

August 30, 2015 by nobleowlpopcorn

Great news, popcorn lovers! At last weekend’s Oshkosh Farmers Market we sold our last bag of Pink Popcorn for the season. From the first bag to the last, we’ve been keeping a running tally of how many bags of Pink Popcorn we’ve sold and we’re happy to announce that thanks to you, we sold 125 bags! We’ve already made the $125 donation to Susan G. Komen of Southeast Wisconsin to help the organization fund breast cancer research.

Noble Owl Pink Popcorn Donates to Susan G. Komen of Southeast Wisconsin

Thanks to your support, we donated $125 to Susan G. Komen of Southeast Wisconsin.

The feedback we got from our Pink Popcorn has been fantastic! Not only did people love the fluffy kernels and sweet taste, but they also loved the fact that we’re giving back. Our customers will be happy to know that we planted more Pink Popcorn and will be selling it again after it’s picked and dried.

Noble Owl Pink Popcorn

This is a photo of our Pink Popcorn from last week. It’s looking good!


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