IH Corn Sheller & Shelling Our Pitch Black Popcorn

November 4, 2014 by nobleowlpopcorn

Over the weekend we acquired an International Harvester corn sheller! This is very exciting for us because our new sheller has an electric motor on it, which makes our jobs easier and quicker.

Prior to getting our hands on this equipment, we were using hand shellers or an old wooden crank corn sheller. The addition of our new equipment will help us shell more popcorn so we an build up our supply for when we’re a vendor at the Oshkosh Saturday Farmers Market from January-April and beyond!

What better way to test our new corn sheller than by putting it to work? On Sunday our Pitch Black popcorn was at the right moisture level to be shelled. Once we got through the 13 bags of popcorn (roughly half of this year’s Pitch Black inventory) we kicked back and relaxed with a bowl of our freshly shelled popcorn!

Check out a few pictures from shelling last weekend & contact us if you’re interested in ordering our Pitch Black popcorn.


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